Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ring Nerves

Tonight Gim and I had competitive obedience class. We took classes years ago and were well on our way to getting into the ring before our instructor moved away. I never found another instructor who I liked working with so we stopped. More like we stalled. I continued to work, but on the same novice stuff for years, not really knowing how to progress.

I recently found a terrific teacher and we jumped back into classes in October. I love the classes and the material. Its fun, positive and the instructor has us work on different things each week. However, I am not 'feeling the love' for the sport.

So last night I had my friend Jill handle Gim and he just blossomed! So I am considering letting her handle him in the competition ring. I have faith in my dog that he can do it, but I don't have faith in myself that I wont screw him up. I get too fidgety and nervous.

We are having a show and go next month and Jill is going to take him on to see how he works with her. I hope to capture it all on tape!

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