March 2011~7 months old

'Visions What the Games Been Missing' aka~ Brees~ whelped August 12th 2010, is the newest member of the family. We love the cardigans and Brees is everything I have wished for in a dog. Brees has been taking herding lessons since he was 9 weeks old, and we are hooked! He just started agility classes and starts breed handling classes in April. We will see what this handsome little dude will bring, but I am confident it will be greatness!


Little Dove Farm 11/4/2010

12/7/2010 picture by Jill Simmons

One of the many shots taken for the Fetch Dog Catalog with big brother, Gimli.

12/31/10 picture by Jill Simmons

10/30/10 picture by Jill Simmons