Wednesday, December 1, 2010

16 weeks already?

I cant believe that Brees will be 16 weeks tomorrow!We have had him for 6 1/2 weeks already? Really? I counted twice on my calender... It seems like it was yesterday we were watching him and his littermates on puppy cam at the dinner table.

Bill and I have found Brees to be the easiest puppy in memory. This past spring we fostered 3 -6 week old littermates who came to the shelter too young and very ill. One of the pups didn't make it, but the other 2 flourished. We split the 2 boys up at 8 weeks and We kept 'Owen' until he was 12 weeks. Owen was a good test puppy for our patience. He was a wild child, who lived on a tether or in a crate& his bite inhibition training was on-going. My dogs tired of Owen and I think they were happy to see him go.

Brees has been nothing but a dream. He is a 'go with the flow' guy who accepted his x-pen, crate and routine from day 1. We started baby 'training' on day 2 and he has been an eager student since. He is a great traveler, playmate and companion. I cant thank Holly and Leonard with Visions Cardigans enough for the wonderful puppy they provided.

Tomorrow we are celebrating his 'birthday' by attending a photo-shoot for the upcoming Fetch-Dog catalog. Depending on how it goes, he may have a part time career as a catalog model! Stay tuned!

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Holly said...

Teri, I want to THANK YOU for loving Baby Brees so. Great homes are just as much treasured.