Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leash work 101

Somehow...what seems like overnight...Brees has become a rascal. What happened to my agreeable, sweet puppy? Who is this cocky corgi living in my house? Something happened to Brees when we had our last herding lesson. OK...I am sure it was happening BEFORE the lesson, but now his brattiness shines on me like a Kenny Rogers Roasters sign. No escaping it!

I have always done the NILFF stuff...but now we are on overdrive. I am asking for downs for everything. Want to eat?...Lie down. What to tug?...Lie down. Want to go out?...Lie down. He is still giving me the heavy sighs (the dog version of an eye roll), but he IS lying down quicker!

Today we worked on his leash manners. No more jumping on and play-biting Gimli or his leash during our twice a day walks. We went to our favorite park, and a normal walk that would take us 40 minutes took about an hour and a half. Liam and Gimli strolled off leash enjoying the smells of the trail, while Mr. Brees and I did 'crazy person' walking, circles, backing up and of course....downs! I brought some mid value treats, a smile and my 'puppy' voice to keep him engaged and the mood fun.

I am glad we have entered this new place in our relationship as I feel I can now ask more from him and am not worried about 'crushing' his young spirit. He is definitely no wall flower! This also puts me right into the place where most people enter a family dog class, so its a good reminder of what its like to raise a teen age dog. Ruff love baby...learn it, live it and love it!!

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Jules said...

Hee, hee. sounds like you and Mr. Brees are having some fun.