Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays...(jerk!)

sounds harsh..I know. This shout out goes to the schmuck who picked up his dog at the shelter today. His 12 year old lab who wandered out of his yard after he forgot to close the gate. Luckily, she was picked up on Christmas morning by the police and brought to the shelter. I saw her upon her arrival. Wonderful old dame.. I scanned her for a chip..nothing. Looked for a name tag...nada. Looked in the lost So I gave her a nice big meal, snuggles, a brief walk and a snack before leaving for the night. This morning, I did the same. She was sweet and so appreciative.
Then Schmuck-o comes to claim her. At first he seemed nice, until I told him I needed $47 for the town impound fee and boarding..... $47. You would have thought I said $470! I then needed him to fill out a 10 day temporary license. ...oh the drama! Cranky-pants couldn't be bothered and slammed the pen down. I kept a smile...'kill em with kindness' I told myself The meaner he got..the nicer I became. I retrieved the old girl and walked her out to the lobby, on a leash, and handed her over.
With a grunt, he dramatically unclipped the leash, and snapped at her to 'come here' and walked her out the door. 'Have a happy New Year'..I called out as he left. I watch him climb into his brand new Pssat and zip away. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Dogs I get..people? A mystery.

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