Saturday, January 8, 2011

Show N Go

Today the entire family (husband included) went to an obedience Show N Go...our first one. I decided to hand the handling of Gimli over to Jill, and wow! He did great with her! His head was high, tail wagging the entire time and he was just so dang attentive! I loved watching him...his feet moved so fast and with pure joy! So, I think I have my obedience handler.
Jill and I have decided that competitive obedience is like math where agility is like recess. Jill, being a former school teacher, is all about structure and following the outlined rules. Where I like having the ability to have a plan A or Plan B...or maybe plan C if A&B aren't going to work. So, I am hoping to work with her golden Tally in agility and she will help with Gimli in obedience...perfect!
I did one run with Liam and will start him in classes next week. We did always, I forget how to walk normal in the obedience ring. Total handler errors. Brees had fun going through the agility tunnel that was set up, and got a lot of socializing. Fun day had by all!

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