Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to raw

I used to be an avid raw food feeder. Not just a feeder..I was obsessed with it. I owned a freezer, meat grinder & cleaver. A Saturday afternoon consisted of wheeling my cleaver into 15 lbs of beef heart or grinding whole rabbits. I would even come home on my lunch hour to split up a case of turkey necks. My husband was afraid of looking in our bathtub as he was uncertain of what kind of frozen animal part would be thawing.
Both Liam and Gimli were raised on raw diet, and they never looked better. This past weekend, my mother showed me a picture of the boys when I was raw feeding and wow..they really did look fantastic. Gimli had the build of mini bull-dog.. great muscle tone and a small waist. Liam looked like an athlete and both had shiny eyes and beautiful coats.I had to stop feeding raw a few years ago due to the increase of fuel costs and a shift in jobs.
But it was seeing that picture that has prompted me to revisit raw. Gimli has turned into a chunk, even though I only feed him 1/2 cup of kibble a day and Liam is sore and his coat is dull. I have him on Dasaquien (joint supplement), but it isn't the miracle I was hoping for. I purchased dehydrated raw to dress up their kibble, but isnt cutting it.
So I did a little research and found a Omas co-op just minutes from my house, and the next order is scheduled for March. Plenty of time to prepare my husband that he will see those recognizable chubs in our freezer.


Katrin said...

I'm the same. I fed raw for 10 years, then for transportation issue went back to kibble and am now going back to raw due to some dogs with allergies. The dogs are certainly very happy with the switch! haha

Taryn said...

It certainly seems to provide the best nutrition. My guys LOVE it! And they do have gorgeous coats and bulging muscles! As long as I can afford it, that's what I'll feed.

Ashley said...

Glad to see this on your blog...just happened to come across it. I'm contemplating switching to raw as well for my 4 year old Cardi. Seems like the best thing for them.