Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

It seems as though every couple of years, I have a' transition' year. Sometimes transitions are a span of years, like when I went back to college in my early 30's. I hate that I am old enough to think that a transition takes years.. on the other hand, I wouldn't 'turn back the clock' for a million dollars.

In 2010 I quit my comfy and soul-less corporate job and jumped into dog training full time. I became 'legit' by incorporating, acquiring a logo, accounting software and a laptop. Being a business owner has always been a dream of mine, but the down side of being a 'one woman show' is that I got lonely. I missed the opportunity of bouncing ideas off others. I love being busy...all the time. And with the poor economy, jumping into dog training wasn't probably the smartest move, but its one I don't regret.

At first,I tried working with a brand new training center but I soon realized that when working with other trainers, chemistry is everything! So I branched out on my own and picked up a part time job at the local animal shelter, not knowing that a part time administrative job would soon be a full time kennel management job. After months of teaching in different locations, I found a fun and supportive training center to work in, where trainers are like minded and laid back!

On the dog front, Liam had a small sarcoma removed early this year and we celebrated his continued health by playing agility all summer. At 9 years sold, I am grateful that my big guy still has the ability to play our much loved game. Brees came into our life this fall, and he was the missing piece we have been waiting for. We are having blast with him!

I feel like I am were I want to be...working with shelter dogs, teaching and training. For 2011 I hope for more of the same. I don't make resolutions as I don't keep them. I just hope I never have to go back to a gray cube and a headset.

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