Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rear end awareness

If you aren't the agility/trainer type, the title isn't what you think! Now that Brees is just about 6 months old, its time for him to know that he has two rear legs waaay back there. Yesterday I received my 'training ladder' from Affordable Agility, and I picked up a few PVC poles to make cavalettis. I figure there is no way to cure the winter blahs than continue on with agility training. So we got out the clicker and started working slowly with the ladder. The first few passes he fumbled, stumbled and tripped his way through. But we continued slowly and after a few more passes he started to make progress. Tomorrow I am heading over to my friends place who has a huge cleared out basement and will be bringing the wobble board, ladder, tunnel & cavellettis and we are going to have a little training party with Brees, Gimli and a 5 month old golden pup named Elliott.

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