Sunday, August 8, 2010

Molly the possible foster

I met this fantastic little border collie mix at work. She has been a the shelter for a couple of weeks, and I just fell for her. She is small, about 25 lbs, smart and the type of dog who would break down quickly in the loud chaotic shelter environment. So with my husbands blessing, she came home for the weekend, and may stay with us until she gets her forever home. She is all about comfort, and likes to lay on the couch and snuggle. She loves tug and frisbees. She is fine with other dogs, but is somewhat of a social nerd. She can get a little resource guardy with the dogs regarding people. I am chalking it up to her lack of confidence, and we are working on it. But other than that, she would make someone a fantastic pet/agility/disk dog. At only about a year old, this dog has a lot of potential!

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Crazy Cardiness said...

She is cute, good luck finding her the perfect forever home!