Monday, August 9, 2010

Hoping Molly gets a home

I brought Molly back to the shelter today hoping she will get adopted as Mondays are really busy. The 4 of us headed out early for a long walk and a visit to the dog park for good off leash romp. I tried to film her running on my cell phone..but I couldnt get my act together. She is just so fast!
I gave her a bath and blow dry and then took her back to her kennel. It just about broke my heart. She has a A LOT of fans in the shelter staff and if she doesnt get adopted today, I will bring her home tonight. I wonder if this back and forth thing to the shelter is doing more harm than good. Its been proven that people dont want to' make an appointment' to see a foster dog, but want to meet the dog when they walk in. Cant say as I blame them. I will keep my fingers crossed that today will be her day.

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