Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The great crate debate

My newest obsession is crates...more specifically traveling crates. With a new puppy pending, I feel I need to come up with a better traveling system. The one thing I hate about my van (Honda Odyssey) is that the only the front windows roll down. So if I leave a dog in the car (like at agility class), the only way they get good air low is if I open all the doors. The problem is that my big dog Liam is 42 inches long and 27 inches at the withers. So a crate that fits him doesn't leave a lot of room for 2 small corgi size crates. I decided to try a giant Veri Kennel and crate Liam and Gimli together which leaves room for a medium crate for puppy. If the giant kennel works, then I may invest in a XL wire crate which gives good air flow, but isn't great for safety. Or maybe keep the Veri Kennel and invest in crate fans. Aahhgghh...the things that keep me up at night!

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