Monday, March 29, 2010

I decided today that I am looking forward to Owen going to his new home on Friday. After weeks of housebreaking & puppy proofing I realized that although Owen will always have a place in my heart...he isn't my puppy. I have been in denial of this for some time and at one point, was trying to figure out how we could keep him and started looking at house rentals. What kind of crazy person would completely rearrange their entire life to keep a puppy? hand goes up too...I have done it on several occasions, and although the outcome is (usually) a great dog...the idea of moving at this time and for this reason just doesn't make sense. I have 2 terrific adult dogs and I really want to hold out for a cardi puppy.

For fun, I took a picture of everything I have pulled out of Owens mouth in the past 2 days (one more reason my patience is thinning). The black blobs are pieces of tar from when the roofers came this fall. A couple of pennies, hair pin and not to mention he chewed one of my favorite leashes in half (I replaced it with a nice light leather leash that now lives in my training bag). Oh, and today I chased him out of the bathroom with the toilet brush hanging out of his mouth. He was so proud and I was utterly grossed out. Yup...Friday cant come soon enough.

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