Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dangers in Fostering

Funny thing about having puppies in the house. I guess like having any sleep less, clean more, and are always watching them. One benefit of living in a small place is that I can watch the little bugger where ever he goes. I get up at 1:30 every morning for a pee run and then again at 5am..then at 7. But it doesn't bother me at all. Just to watch him play and interact with my dogs. Snuggling up to Liam's giant body or laying next to Gimli licking his ear and giving him little love chews.
I started a little 'training' this week. Targeting, baby downs and sits. He is smart and has great focus for a youngster. We also worked on the 'ready-steady-get it' was fun to have a puppy who plays with such gusto, but settles so easily. I would love to see him get a home with someone I know so I can watch him grow up. I am starting to get attached!

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