Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hard Goodbyes

This week has been one filled sadness and new beginnings.

We lost one of our fosters, Flora, last Wednesday. She declined quickly as she just couldn't fight the illness that ravaged her little body. For her short life, she was loved immensely and will always be remembered.Owen and Duncan are doing well and are living with a different foster family. This was my first foster 'gig' in years and was an emotional trip I was not prepared to take. Its easy to forget when looking at puppies rough housing, chewing on your toes and barking for attention that they are still babies and susceptible to illness.

Another hard blow was a dear friend loosing her heart dog in a freak accident. Another reminder that life is precious. There are no words that can fill the hole in someones heart when they loose a family member.

This week was also the grand opening of Finish Forward Dogs training studio. Although our friend and her dogs presents were missed at the festivities, the purpose of the studio is to help others enhance the relationships with their 'heart' dogs and to help make everyday they spend with their dogs fun, full of laughter and joy. If dogs teach us anything its that life must go on.

So I dedicate this blog to Bounce and Flora...as its dogs like these that keep me and many other trainers, rescuers and dog lovers doing what we do. They will always be remembered and loved.

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kathy said...

Very well put Teri. It really has been a difficult week in our doggy circle, but my pups have certainly gotten a lot of hugs lately... too many reminders around of how precious my time with them really is.