Friday, October 29, 2010

Rest is not an option

This month has been nuts...Not only has Brees entered my life, I changed positions at the shelter from volunteer coordinator to kennel manager...except that they haven't replaced anyone to fill the VC position, so I am doing both until they do. I am working to become SAFER certified (the ASPCA's canine temperament test), started teaching 2 new classes, taking Gimli through competitive obedience class and am working with a new therapy dog team. Brees is great and rolls with my schedule like a dream. We have a training session every morning and evening and I am able to come home at lunch (the shelter is only 1.5 miles away from my house) every day to let the dogs out for a good romp.
Next week Brees and I are going up to Appleton ME to see Suzanne White, the herding instructor, and a flock of ducks (pictures to come!)
The following week he starts puppy kindergarten with my good friend/trainer Liz Langham ( I believe that even trainers should take their puppy's through a puppy class!). Once my classes end in December, I plan on taking a 6 week break from teaching. For now, as long as there is coffee flowing, I am good!

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