Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Normal

Its been almost a week since Brees came home, and I couldn't imagine like with out him! He is everything I wanted in a puppy and more. Teaching puppy classes and looking after foster pups has nothing on this! He is a fun puppy to be, attentive, playful and easy going.

I know..I could change. I know that this is the honeymoon period. I know this and still look at him with complete perfection.

I have been keeping this week a quiet one. No big adventures other than neighborhood walks. I wanted him to get settled and get the routine established. This weekend we will hit the beach or the fields..depends on the tides.

The only sucky thing is that my camera has disappeared. I haven't seen it in over 2 weeks and it totally bums me out. So I am left to my cell phone for now. I am hoping that my friend (and professional photographer) Jill will come out with me out this weekend and get some shots.


Holly said...

Look at the happy trio!!

I am so happy that you are so happy!!

Jules said...

That picture almost brings tears to my eyes. Seriously! I am so happy for you and your boys!