Friday, January 15, 2010

things...they are a'changin

Last week I gave my notice at my uniblab corporate job and, as of January 26th, will be employed with the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland as the volunteer coordinator. If that's not enough, I am also in the process of jumping back into teaching dog classes.

My reasons for leaving Uniblab were pretty simple. I wanted a job that was not only was in a field I could feel good about, but was also conducive to my dog training life. And I think I have found it. My only worry with working at the shelter is that I will end up with 8 cats and 6 dogs so I will need to practice self control. I am sure my husband will help keep me in check :)

My dog training business is called (of course) Canine Kinship and I will be teaching at Finish Forward Dogs in Saco, a brand new facility opening in February. I love new dog training center smell! New floors, and clickers and chairs...oh my! I hope anyone (is there anyone?) who reads my silly little dog blog will check out the websites and maybe even sign up for a class.

So I say 'Au revoir' Uniblab and all its gray cubiness. I trade thee for dog hair, and dog slobber and finding dried bits of cheese in my jean pockets. I happily trade my uniblab ID badge for scrubs, cats climbing on my desk and all the crazy chaos of shelter life.
I think its a pretty darn good trade. Woof!