Monday, January 4, 2010

Levitating Corgi

I think my dog is related to Criss Angel or maybe Doug Henning. Somehow he can move from room to room in my house without ever making a sound, which is pretty incredible since his feet are the size of small dinner plates and he only stands 10 inches at the withers. If you have never met Gimli, he is a funny little guy. He is small for a cardigan corgi, only about 28 lbs. But an excellent ambassador to his breed. He is friendly, but doesn't over do it....unless you have a treat. Or anything that resembles a treat. Or have your hands in your pocket like you are going to give him a treat.

When he is tired, or pouting (hows that for being anthropomorphic?), he shuffles his front feet and sounds like an old man in slippers. Sometimes we call him grandpa., like in the Waltons...'goodnight Grandpa'..which I think he takes slight offense to.

But somehow, this short dog, with the giant feet is able to move like a butterfly and flutter from place to place without us ever hearing him. Like when I am sitting at my computer in the bedroom with my back toward the door. I glance over my shoulder to confirm there isn't a tail or dog ear lying next to the wheels of my office chair, and I see nothing. I glance back 10-15 seconds later and (insert dramatic music) there is a little red corgi face staring back at me. He is able to this in the kitchen second no corgi...I turn around another second and there he is, lying in the middle of the floor like he has been there for hours. My only explanation for this phenomenon is that corgis can levitate. My theory is that during the evolution of the breed, the need of levitation grew out of the lack of having legs. Its part of the corgi secret weapon package. Cute face, funny body, big eyes, good disposition...oh and levitation.

At least Gimli hasn't gone so far as to use his super secret power for evil. He has yet to counter surf, or open the kitchen cabinets. Lets just hope he doesn't have secret thumbs...or else I am in big trouble!