Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its so hot....

...that the new casters are telling 'its so hot' I wont try to be clever and out do whats been done (over and over). David Letterman once called Maine 'deep south up north'. That just about sums up how hot it is. But should we really complain? Unless you are laying asphalt for a living or putting shingles on a roof ...I think we should just shut it and enjoy our extremely short summer. Heat and all. Just like in a 3 day 'Nor Easter..this heat should just make everyone slow down a bit. Check on your elderly neighbors, visit a Beals Ice Cream stand watch a movie, read a book and enjoy the fact that you can do it wearing shorts.

Winter will be here soon enough and we will all be complaining about why we live in a place where the thermometer dangles around the freezing mark for 3 months. So instead of bellyaching about the heat, embrace Maines inner 'down south'. Sit on your porch in a big floppy sun hat, eat key lime pie and sip a tall glass of sweet tea.


Holly said...

Urgh - you don't know my husband! All he does is COMPLAIN about the heat... and he wants to eventually move to TENNESSEE!

The dogs & I are all inside in the AC and I am off to watch a movie. Stay cool!

kathy said...

So true Teri!!! I relish every moment of summer... hot or otherwise. Of course having AC in the house (for the dogs of course!!) makes it a bit easier to bear. Still- it's the perfect excuse for me and the pups to check out the local swimming spots!!!