Sunday, July 11, 2010

If I wasn't a dog trainer, I would be a chef. I love everything about cooking. Visiting farmers markets, food specialty stores, fancy cookware, high end appliances, cookbooks, being in the kitchen, chopping, stirring...all of it. Cooking is a form of meditation...baking is even worse (which is why I only bake in the winter). Time falls away when I am engrossed in a recipe.

My kitchen is far from fancy and I don't have anything high end. But I do have a love for cookbooks. I read cookbooks like some people study for exams. Completely focused and I tune everything out.

Today was a great day of food. Bill and I went to the Greek Festival in Saco and snacked on gyros and loukoumades, which considering all the food they had, was pretty mild for us. We are trying hard to be frugal these days and festival food can deplete a wallet pretty quickly.

We left the festival and went to one of our favorite places, Borders bookstore and I went to visit my porn section...the cookbooks. I found one that almost had an angelic glow surrounding it. It was called My New Orleans: The Cookbook by John Besh. We visited New Orleans this past spring, and I cant wait to get back. Its food lovers mecca.

I opened the book and landed on a simple recipe for a crawfish boil. Similar to a lobster bake...but the mud bugs, corn, potatoes, garlic, sausage and spices are all boiled together and then dumped on table covered with newspaper where your guests pick out what they want. I went to a shrimp boil once and it was pretty much the same, and pretty fantastic. I took the 5 lb book and sat among other store patrons and found myself making low ...mmmm...ohhhh...ahhh. sounds. At least I didn't drool, that would have been weird.

I left the book at the store (at $45...its a splurge I am not ready for). But came home with some inspiration. I think I am going to make a pot of jambalaya this week.


Crazy Cardiness said...

I know what you mean, I have the same problem:-)) I love to cook/bake/roast pretty well anything. I really love to collect cooking supplies. I feel your pain, I'm glad I'm not a cookbook person though, that would make me really dangerous!

Holly said...

If I only had a more usable kitchen, I think I would be right with you! I drool over the food channel all the time. Right now, the crockpot is my best friend.