Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puppies on the brain

My husband and I have planning on a new family member some time. As I type this our new prospective puppy is (hopefully) just a tiny little fetus not yet detected by ultrasound. However, I already have 2 puppy crates, an x pen and am playing mental tetras when I look at the innards of my van on how to add another dog. I always thought 2 would be enough...but the idea of having a another cardi, and having both my elder boys help me raise her (him?) is just too exciting to not pass up.

Puppy breath, puppy coat, big puppy all makes me smile! Fingers are crossed that the breeding took and we will have a new baby this fall!


Jules said...

How exciting!!

Holly said...

Ahhh... impending puppy breath!! :-)